The Oaks Pastoral Team

Gary Barber

Lead Pastor

Kelli Mireles

Family Pastor

Nick Preston

Executive Pastor

Bethany Rivera

Discipleship Pastor

Sam (Thomas) Varughese

Pastor of The Oaks Indian Church

Keicha Morris

Women's Pastor

Lori Panici

OCC Pastor & Consultant

The Oaks Ministry Leaders & Support Team

Kristina Ruch

Director of Worship & Youth

Melissa Estrada

Office Manager & Finance

Steve Rowland

Facilities Manager & Treasurer

Gene Sorensen

Technical Advisor

Jyn Tabbytosavit

OCC Site Supervisor

Phillip Macias

Men's Director

Bob Murry & Sarah Wilcox

Celebrate Recovery Leaders

Doug Ray

Missions Mobilization Leader

Jaime Mayo

ESL Coordinator

Ruben Cordero


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The Oaks Elders & Governing Board

Tunde Deru

Elder & Governing Board Member

Becky Devahl

Governing Board Member

Jana Liggett

Governing Board Member

Olu Oladimeji

Elder & Governing Board Member

Favour Oragwam

Elder & Governing Board Member

Gene Sorensen

Elder & Governing Board Member