How did The Oaks begin?

The Oaks Community Church started in the home of Senior Pastor Gary and his wife Lori Barber in 1993. Since then, the church has grown into a vibrant Body of Believers in Jesus, imperfect though we are, drawn from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including many who were born overseas. Our main worship center is adorned with over fifty national flags that represent the home countries of our church family members or nations with which we have meaningful ties. We are a truly diverse community of believers and love how the colors and ages of our local church family represent God’s heart for all nations and all people. We emphasize God’s grace and God’s love. Our mission at The Oaks is to grow Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus. The Oaks Children’s Center, a community outreach to families with young children, is a partner ministry that was launched in 2005.

What is it like at The Oaks?

The Oaks is a Christ-centered community of believers committed to following God’s word, the Bible. We strive to be Christ-like by loving God and loving others, seeking to grow Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus who wil bring joy and glory to God. We recognize that we are imperfect humans and fal short of that ideal daily, which is why we emphasize God’s grace and God’s love. Many people describe  The Oaks as having a “family” atmosphere, made up of people who genuinely care for each other and try to treat one another as family members. Our church family is made up of people from many cultures, national origins, and walks of life. We believe that there is a place for everyone at  The Oaks.

What should I wear to Sunday worship services?

We invite you to come in comfortable attire. You will see casual California wear (including shorts and t-shirts), while others dress in more “business casual.” Still others prefer to wear their “Sunday best.” We are generally an informal church and you are welcome to dress in an outfit that helps you feel comfortable.

What do you offer for children and youth?

We have special groups for children and youth throughout the week. On Sunday mornings, we have several groups for children who are aged 0 to grade 6. Teenagers from grades 7-12 also have a Sunday morning group most Sundays. Children and teenagers aged 2 years and older begin in the main worship service and are dismissed to their groups mid-service. The most up-to-date information for midweek groups is available on our website.

What type of music do you play?

At our Sunday services, our worship team plays contemporary Christian worship music, and incorporates a variety of styles and types of songs. We have alternative events where other styles of worship music are more the focus. During special seasons, other types of music events (i.e. Christmas Children’s Musical, Easter Sunrise service, Children’s VBS) take place.

What is communion and how often do you take communion as a church?

We take communion because Jesus taught his friends to do this in the New Testament. We usually offer communion one time each month during the Sunday worship service to al of those ready and willing to participate. We also encourage small groups to take communion together. The Bible also makes it clear that if you’re not a believer or if you are a Christian living in rebel ion you should not take communion.

If I’d like to give to the ministry of The Oaks , how can I do that?

We never want you to give out of obligation. God delights in cheerful giving and invites those who are committed members of his family to participate in this act of worship. The easiest way to give is through our website or by clicking here. Offering boxes are also available during Sunday worship services or offerings may be dropped off at/mailed to the church office.

What denomination is The Oaks?

We are part of a worldwide family of churches called The Christian & Missionary Alliance. The Christian & MIssionary Alliance is comprised of over 2,000 churches in the US, where over half a mil ion people worship, in over 37 languages. Worldwide, there are over 700 workers serving in 70 of the least-evangelized countries. As a member church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, we adhere to a traditional evangelical Christian doctrine, the details of which can be found here. Our core values guide what we do and are summarized on the C&MA website.