Good Friday 2022

Apr 15, 2022    Minister Bethany Rivera

Welcome to our Good Friday service. Minister Bethany Rivera is preaching this evening from Isaiah 53, a sermon titled "Jesus - The Crushed Savior." This is sobering look at what Jesus suffered on the Cross for you and me, that we might be saved. The Scriptures tell us Jesus was crushed for our sakes. Minister Bethany is going to share with us what this really means - the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We will be celebrating Communion toward the end of the service. We encourage you to prepare for this by preparing the Communion elements (bread or crackers and juice) before the service. And while watching us online be sure to text us so we know you have joined us. Our text number is 661-241-3408. Tell us your name, email address, and any prayer requests you might have. (All information is confidential, and is shared only with the pastor, and if appropriate, with the staff at our weekly meeting, so the staff can be praying for you.)