Pondering currently about our society’s (U.S.) propensity to live rushing about from place to place, activity to activity, meal to snack to meal…. we live in such a fast-paced society. Interesting too…this emphasis going around now-a-days about being aware of your breath. Your breathing. This literally spurred me into many thoughts (having noticed my own shallow rushed breathing) about how I can get very anxious doing basically anything that needs no rush or anxiety attached to it, yet, there I am…hurrying. For what? Why am I in such a hurry? Because I’m in my 30’s and “wasted” a lot of my 20’s in purposeless living? Because there’s “so much to do”? Because my “to do” list won’t get done? Because life is short? Which is a true statement the older you get…where has the time gone, seriously? 

Let’s hold that thought for a moment though…where has the time gone? Would I be wondering that, if I wasn’t rushing about constantly? “Where has the time gone implies perhaps not even knowing how the time has been filled…no solid, fulfilling memories to say, “Aww, yes, that’s where the time has gone,” with a full heart. 

A truth bomb hit me while I was thinking about this…I wrote in my journal: “If I’m always rushing, it’s because something in me must believe that the NEXT moment is more valuable than this one.” But if I’m always living for the next moment….if I’m always hurrying through this moment to get to the next moment, then when I get to the next moment, I’ll be living for the one after that as well…never actually living RIGHT NOW, IN THIS MOMENT. Never being present. Never at rest. Never enjoying. Never BREATING….always humming a bit with this theme of…better hurry up “because”. Because what??? Well, because. Because this is the pattern. This is what we do. We rush. We accomplish. We grind… and then when we come up for a breath, we wonder….where has the time gone? What is it all for? What am I doing? Who am I? haha. ok, but seriously. 

I felt very rushed today before this moment, and even still a bit now as I know there are other things I put as “high priorities” on my to-do list today that I still have not gotten to…but fighting it because this moment feels right. Slowing down to write about some other things brought me to that epiphany – that my rushing is stealing my life from me. I thought, if I hadn’t slowed down to process something else, I would not have received that very important key. 

A close friend of mine has been speaking on this a lot lately. Being present, because truly, it is all we have. RIGHT NOW. We are not promised tomorrow (James 4:14, Proverbs 27:1, Matthew 6:33-34). Plus, if we live for tomorrow, we’ll always be living for tomorrow and once again, never actually be alive, soaking in, being fully present to receiving what God has for us RIGHT NOW. 

I rabbit trailed a bit in my journal on some other points related to this, and came to the conclusion of a truth, I’m sure already widely known, but that what we all really need and desire is to be truly loved, truly known, and to be together (not alone). And to be open to these things, with God and the family of humanity that He created for us all to enjoy these beautiful intangibles with, takes the ability to BE PRESENT. 

*Sigh* *Deep breath* 

Lord God in Heaven, Heavenly Father, may you slow us down to breath again. To hear you. To be with you. To be with one another. To see your glory in one another because the wonder of life itself shouts of your majesty and glory, your creativity and love. May we seek to be One with You so that we would be of one accord with each other. Being present, hearing each other, seeing each other, loving each other. And experiencing life as you designed us to experienced it – with you, fully present, fully alive. In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

John 17:11

– Christa McCann